Some testimonials from our graduates

“I really did not know what to expect from my participation in The Four Keys of Living Mindfully program. I thought that I might learn and practice meditation skills; I can say that I have learned and continue to practice meditation since finishing the program.  Meditation is a grounding practice and now an important part of my day.

Additionally, I have learned some important concepts that I can apply to my life so that I can be more attentive to what's going on internally and around me and intentional about what I choose to do, how I choose to show up, and what I want to contribute to those around me and the world.  The program including readings, videos, and discussions gave me the foundation and space to revisit my values and take ownership of each day. Laura and Kevin are excellent facilitators who are very knowledgeable about the material and provide a safe space and encouragement to learners. Rather than being reactive, I can be proactive in aligning my thoughts, behaviors, and work to my values to achieve life satisfaction.”— Lee Anne W.

“I appreciate Kevin and Laura’s wise guidance and the compassionate opportunities to meditate and truly see what is “ a gift”- the awareness of the here and now. — Judy J.

“Kevin & Laura's "4 Keys" course is wonderful introduction to developing a mindfulness practice. The course goes beyond meditation to also include other aspects of mindfulness, such as focusing on your core values & setting a daily intention. The weekly sessions are rich in content & include practice meditations. The course material is really interesting & stresses finding a daily practice that works for your life. This course truly opened my heart & soul to the value of a daily mindfulness practice." —Rita

“Laura and Kevin create a comfortable and enjoyable online learning environment. They skillfully illustrate how to apply the Four Keys in ways that enhance the quality of your relationships and your daily life. They are passionate about living mindfully and want to share with others what has made such a difference in their own lives.” — Lisa S.

“The Mindful Life Program was life changing for me. I learned applicable, useful skills that help me live a meaningful life, including learning about genuine happiness and how to pay attention to my actions and intentions.” —Steve C.

“I found this course to be a life changing experience which I will benefit from on a daily basis. I have been able to live more in the moment with a new sense of calm, gratitude and positive energy.”  — Anonymous

“Since taking the MLP course from Laura and Kevin, my life has been changed. I am now living more in the present moment with gratitude, positivity, calmness and mindfully. The MLP tools, practices and techniques they shared will empower me to continue to live a mindful, meaning life”. — Ann Y.

“Taking the Mindful Life Foundations Course with Laura Hess & Kevin Walsh was a transforming experience for me. The course materials are simple but powerful, Laura & Kevin provided a safe, positive environment in which we could practice meditation, explore our values & emotions & develop a daily practice to help us be more present in our lives. Their sharing of their own experiences with the program & with daily practice was inspiring. They also very skillfully encouraged all the participants to share their experiences, challenges & growth throughout the course. I am living a calmer, happier & more honest & joyful life as a result of this course.” —Rita M.

“Kevin and Laura's teaching of the Mindful Life Program led me to understand that I CAN meditate even with my really busy life. The teachings offered specific actions I can take to practice mindfulness and do so in a way that brings patience, greater joy and alignment with my values.” —Jen A.

“Kevin & Laura are a dynamic duo that do a fabulous job delivering the course”.   — Anonymous

“This course had a profound impact on my life. It has taught me how to truly focus on the aspects I want to give my attention to. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”  — Dan M.

“This course really allows you to look deep into yourself, your patterns, and your outlook. Give in and allow yourself to be open and grow. You will benefit from it.” — Brent B.

"You did a wonderful job in so very many ways: great management of classroom details including punctuality, break times and snacks, comfortable chairs/facility, prompt response to emails, working w technology confusions, great weekly follow up letter and reiteration of HW, excellent handouts. Whew….Of course all of the trappings would have been for naught had you not presented the materials in a skilled way. I loved your shared teaching, clear presentations and balance of activities. Probably best of all, however, is that both of you shared personal stories about your own journey with mindfulness and are so committed to helping your students incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives."  — Anonymous


“Laura and Kevin teach by example, not just “by the book.” Sharing their personal stories of how mindfulness has helped them helps me believe with practice and over time, I too will have a more fulfilling life. I’m happier already after just three months!”  — Clare P.