Mindfulness is a path to living a meaningful life

The LK Mindfulness Mission

We are committed to offering you the training and support you need to experience the full benefits of mindfulness.  Mindfulness can help you better manage stress, reduce anxiety, cope with challenging circumstances, and so much more.  By developing your attention, acting with intention in accordance with your deepest values, and cultivating wisdom and an open heart, it's possible to create a fulfilling life of purpose, meaning, and genuine happiness!

Our Foundation: The Mindful Life Program

The courses that we teach are based on the Mindful Life Program. Awareness of the present moment--with openness, curiosity, and without judgment--is an essential part of mindfulness. The Mindful Life Program builds on attention training skills and adds a focus on values, wisdom, and open-hearted practices (equanimity, kindness, and compassion) to create a rich and valuable process that has the potential to be transformative. This approach blends the lessons of ancient contemplative traditions with the best of modern psychological science.

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Our Current Offerings

Currently we are offering services on a custom basis only.  

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